Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here are a couple of designs I needed to work out. One is of a tertiary character named Benn, based off a friend of my son's. He's going to be the guy helping Kodo climb to the top of the cliff.
The other is Benns' ox. I did the drawing on the left first, and I liked the silhouette of the body and horns. I played around with a more curved horns, but think I'll go with the long horns. I tried out a few different kinds of feet until I came up with a three toed version. The two feet on the left are a camel's and a cow's respectively. The rest are the final three toed feet from different angles.
I did a profile shot of the loaded ox based off refeerence from camels I found on the internet. And a close up of the head. It's basically a long faced, three toed ox with a beard, long ears and horns. I didn't stray too far from an actual ox, but that wasn't really the point. I like just taking things a little out of bounds. I still want this world to be believeable... somewhat.

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